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Single Cask Selection

Skene Whisky travel the country, sourcing and tasting casks from some of Scotland’s finest distilleries. We’ve been doing this for the last ten years so we’ve quite the collection!

We’re not all about the Dalmores and The Macallan though. We know that the quality of whisky from some of Scotland’s lesser known distilleries is just as good, if not better than some of the names that you will be more familiar with. We select casks based on the taste, the type of wood used and ultimately the quality of the whisky.


All of our casks mature in traditional dunnage warehouses across Scotland, with our main warehouse in the Royal Deeside area of Aberdeen. The cool, damp climate of Scotland is perfect for the maturation of Scotch whisky.

After all, us Scots have been maturing whisky for years – approximately 500. So we know a thing or two!


We work with the best bodegas in Spain and the Chateaus of France to bring empty casks of sherry, port, rum and wine to our finishing house.

We decant the casks of whisky into the sherry, port, rum and wine casks to develop or to ‘finish’ the maturation process. The sweet flavours of the various spirits can darken the colour or sweeten the taste of Scotch whisky.


All of our casks are hand bottled and labeled at our main warehouse. Fitting with tradition, all of our casks are non-chill filtered and free from artificial colouring.

On the labels, you can often find the cask’s unique reference number, the amount of bottles and the type of finishing cask used.