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The Story

In Legend, it is written that the younger son of the Robertson Chief of Struan saved the life of the King from a savage wolf using only his sgian-dubh.

The King gifted him with land in Aberdeenshire which he named Sgian, or Skene, in honour of the weapon. The family thereafter took the name of the land.

In the early 1800s the same land became infamous throughout Scotland as the route for smugglers, and their clandestine transportation of whisky from the Highland Distilleries to the lowlands.

As a result, the name Skene has been inextricably linked with whisky for two centuries and we continue that proud tradition today.

Sourcing Casks

For the last ten years, we have been purchasing casks of whisky from all over Scotland. The key criteria for selection is the quality of the liquid and the taste profile. Each whisky is unique. And to us, no distillery name is bigger than the next. It is the quality of the whisky.

We also work with the finest French chateaus and the beautiful bodegas of Spain to source the best ex-wine and ex-sherry casks that Europe has to offer. We then transport these wonderful casks to our warehouse in Aberdeenshire.


Once upon a time, the whisky produced in the Scottish Highlands was transported South, to the Port of Leith – or nowadays the harbour of the city of Edinburgh. This port was the gateway to Europe; one of the busiest trading ports of the 18th Century. Whisky was transported to this port for export and the wines were imported for distribution to the UK.

At the port, the wine was decanted into smaller barrels for ease of transport and the whisky was decanted into these rather large wine and sherry casks. The thrifty Scots soon realised that if they left the whisky to age in these wine casks, the whisky developeda wonderful sweet flavour.

Skene Whisky replicate this traditional process today at the warehouse in Aberdeenshire. The whisky bought from the distilleries in Scotland is decanted into barrels from France and Spain and left to ‘finish’ for six months.

The seasoned wine and sherry casks develop the whiskies mature flavour, producing immaculately finished Scotch whiskies. It is all about the flavour!