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From Cask to Glass

Skene Scotch Whisky are an innovative whisky house and progressive independent bottler of Scotch whisky. We source whisky from all over Scotland, blend and bottle it under our core brands: Cask Classics, Skene Reserve and Black Tartan.


A magnificent, old fashioned Scotch – rich with sherry-soaked Xmas cake, polished oak and cooking spices. This really is a gorgeous whisky!

Charles MacLean

Fruit and vanilla at first but quickly oak and nutmeg takes over. This is also where the char from the barrel takes hold with a BBQ’d meat quality to it and a touch of smoked paprika.

Gentleman Grimm

Ruby red, this leads to a port-like nose: rich and big with lots of stone fruits, oak and body. It feels like this has a backbone of good malt in it.

Joel Harrison

Chunky Oloroso, some Armagnac-esque aged character. Hints of sultana, incense, dusty oak, heather, wood smoke, walnut and hazelnut along with freshening citrus notes.

Chris Goodrum

Plenty of heat on this, which belies the moderate ABV. A real palate-prickler. On the lighter flavour spectrum – lemon oils, zingy white pepper, dried chilli flakes, wood shavings and cake mix (plus baking powder).

Laura Foster